Our Mission

The Budkis Fund is dedicated to improving the lives of low income seniors and their pets within the Puget Sound community by providing monetary assistance for emergency veterinary care.


About the Fund

The Budkis Fund is a field of interest fund within the Renton Community Foundation, a 501 (C) 3, non-profit organization in the State of Washington. Our goal is to help low income seniors within the Puget Sound community whose pets need emergency veterinary care which may include medications, surgical procedures and euthanasia. We work directly with veterinarians who have identified seniors that qualify for our assistance, allowing for a non-biased and objective evaluation of each case.

The Budkis Fund is run solely by dedicated volunteers within the community that have a passion and desire to help improve the quality of life for seniors and their loving companions. Each year, the Budkis Fund holds a fundraising event which accounts for almost 95% of our yearly donations, and 98% of all the funds we raise throughout the year go directly to help our beneficiaries. A portion of the ticket to the fundraiser and all donations are tax deductible.

For more information on the Renton Community Foundation, visit www.rentonfoundation.org

The History of the Budkis Fund:

In 1990, long time Renton community advocates and residents named Chuck and Mij Charbonneau adopted a cute English bulldog pup and named him Budkis. As Budkis was a very social and loving animal, he accompanied Chuck and Mij to many community events ranging from Special Olympics activities to holiday celebrations.

It didn’t take long before everyone in the community knew Budkis and looked for him at special events. As Budkis was such a well liked ‘celebrity’ in the area, the Charbonneau’s would hold a backyard barbecue to mark his birthday at the end each summer season. Each year, the party would include family and friends, and each year, the party would grow as Budkis befriended more and more people.

Since Budkis lacked for nothing, the Charbonneau’s would ask their guests to make a donation to a charity fund in his name as a birthday gift. When Budkis passed away in 2001, and since family and friends wanted to continue the tradition of celebrating Budkis’s birthday, it became apparent that a more formal organization was needed to carry on the legacy. That legacy lives on in the Budkis Fund, benefiting low-income seniors and their pets within the Puget Sound community.