All of your family is gone, moved away or deceased; the only companion you have left is your pet. It is your pet that offers companionship, unconditional love, affection, a sense of security and a reason to get up each morning. Now imagine that your beloved companion has fallen ill or suffered an accident. How do you provide the veterinary care that your pet needs on your small fixed income?

This is the situation in which many senior pet owners find themselves. They are left with few options; let the pet suffer with no veterinary care, turn the pet over to a local shelter, or go without their own food and medication to care for their companion. Are any of these options true solutions? No… but we believe that we have found one.

The Budkis Fund has been established to help low-income seniors living in the Puget Sound Community cover their emergency pet care through generous tax deductible donations. We gratefully accept all contributions, large or small. Make a donation today and offer a local senior citizen the opportunity to save their beloved companion.

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